Nixon Burner Bazaar

The Nixon burner bazaar, formally known as "The Largest Burner Bazaar," is a temporary "pop-up" outdoor marketplace aimed at attendees of the Burning Man festival. In 2022, the market is scheduled to take place August 24 - 30.

The burner bazaar will be located at 50 NV-447, Nixon, NV 89424, about an hour south of the playa. This is the address of Nixon Store, a fireworks and convenience store, situated on a corner off of Nevada state route 447, the road that the majority of burners take to get to the playa. The market is on Indian land, and vendors must secure a temporary business license from the Pyramid Lake Tribe.

The market was originally scheduled between August 24 and September 7th, and was temporarily canceled for a week, before being reinstated with new dates.

The new dates will allow vendors to attend most of the Burning Man festival. The festival runs from August 28th - September 5th.

The bazaar offers food, showers, ice, toilets, gas and plenty of parking, in addition to 15 - 20 vendor booths selling some of the most popular and cutting-edge fashions in the burner community.

In 2022, the featured designers are:

Anahata Designs / Infiniti Now


Venus in Velvet

Five & Diamond

DeLaLuna Designs

Eternal Mode

Plasma Lab

Soul Crafts

Aya Eye

Orange Cosmic Mermaid

Phoenix Rising Designs

Griffin Wings

Collective Journey


Kayo Anime

Due to the cancelation, the following vendors seemed to have dropped off:

Maddie Moon

Buddhaful Designs
Freeborn Designs
Liquid Dreams
Warrior Within
Eternal Mode
Wish Wear
Boholounge clothing

Other bazaars that you might want to check out are the smaller set-ups in Wadsworth and Empire, as well as the brick-and-mortar "Burner Bazaar and Beyond" in Gerlach.