Wondering what to fill that Christmas stocking up with to show the person you love how much you care? It’s a common question – and it helps to look up idea lists to get your brain going.

Christmas stocking

I took a look at a few lists & came up with a list of ideas that I felt would be appropriate for my customers. A few for him, a few for her & maybe some for kids.

Here are some Christmas stocking filler ideas!

Handmade Face Mask

Masks are probably going to be a thing for another year or two. Make sure your loved one has a mask to go with different outfits.

Handmade mask link

Boatswains Call

Also known as a naval whistle, this peculiar collectible was featured in “Mad Max beyond Thunderdome.” It looks great attached to a costume or as part of a collection.

Mad Max boatswain call link

Tribal Coconut Necklace

Coconut shell has a versatile look that both says tribal, but also looks like rusty steel. It’s great for him or her, and will go with anything from a bikini to a post-apocalyptic costume.

Tribal necklace coconut link

Patches, Pins & Stickers

Easy to fit into a stocking & still quite popular, are patches, enamel pins & stickers. I have a whole section in my shop for patches.

Patches link

Playing Cards

Cards are probably the most versatile & portable game one can play. Bicycle has a distressed set, which look old & dirty – perfect for those who appreciate age & character, or for those who do post-apocalyptic festivals or LARPs.

Playing card link

Hot Sauce / Hand Sanitizer Keychain

People love to eat & some are particular about their sauces. Perhaps you know someone who loves sriracha, or another condiment. Hang it from a belt loop, purse strap, or backpack.

And with COVID-19 hanging around for a while, hand sanitizer wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. Just make sure you don’t mix them up!

Sriracha keychain link

Multitool or Flashlight

Here’s an affordable tool that is ultra-portable. You never know when it might come in handy.

Credit Card Multitool Link


A super practical gift. Everyone can always use some AAAs or AAs & they’re not always cheap at the drug store.

Batteries link

Keychain / Bottle-opener

If you know anyone who could use a chunky keychain, here’s one that looks cool & can also open bottles. There’s plenty of room for lots of keys, too. If this isn’t your thing, consider a USB or charging dongle keychain.

Hephis keychain link

Small Framed Photos

Give your loved one a tiny picture of yourself, or your kids (assuming they know about the kids).

Tiny frame for pictures link

Candy / Nuts / Dried Fruit

It’s hard to not like food, especially when it’s a small treat.

Snack link

Flask / Airline Bottle of Booze

Flasks make nice gifts, as does a 50mL bottle of your loved one’s favorite alcoholic spirit.

Gas can flask link

Lip Balm

A small practical gift that lets them know you care about their lips.

Burts bees lip balm link

Gift Cards

Gifts cards don’t take up a lot of space, are always welcome, and are available for hundreds of stores & restaurant. Just don’t get them an Applebee’s card (seriously).

Gift card link

Coffee / Tea

Have them wash that candy down with some tea or coffee.

Coffee link

Portable Drinking Straw

A neat little portable straw for those who want to help the environment (or just can’t find a straw).

portable straw link

Light Saber Chopsticks

A little classic geek for lovers of sushi, ramen or pho.

Light up Chopsticks link

The History of the Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking Ideas

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