Mad Max Fury Road War Boy Christmas Stocking

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Immortan Joe's official Citadel Christmas stockings will make your holiday nights shiny & chrome, and will keep you yelling, "Christmas me, blood bag!" for the rest of the season. This unique Christmas stocking features:

  • Heavy duty 20 oz cotton canvas
  • Leather straps with metal hardware
  • Heavy duty #8 two-way zipper to help accommodate oddly-shaped gifts
  • Military-style snap pocket
  • Silver Fury Road logo
  • Fabric patch offers space for monogram or name of stocking owner
  • 17 inches high x 12 inches wide

Mad Max Fury Road

The fourth film in the Mad Max sequel was released in 2015. The movie centered around Imperator Furiosa & Max as they drive a War Rig across the desert to bring 5 slave wives to safety. In hot pursuit is Immortan Joe & his War Boys. The War Boys were raised to be Immortan Joe's loyal-to-the-death soldiers. They wear little more than black cargo pants fitted with military pouches, makeshift leather utility belts & combat boots. Their skin is covered in white make-up & scarification designs, including a flaming skull steering wheel logo branded onto their necks.

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Product Reviews

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Written by Alex on Jan 1st 2021

Absolutely gorgeous! Very well made. Thankyou Karol! Simply the coolest xmas stocking in the Waste!

Written by Ziptie on Dec 23rd 2020

When you can't go to the Wasteland during the great cold fallout and sickness you bring a touch of the Wasteland to you! This will be hanging in my bedroom year round!

War Boy Stocking! Historic!
Written by Deane L Geiken on Dec 23rd 2020

If any war boy actually had this stocking he would have thought he had gone to Valhalla and sitting besides all of the gods of the V8! So shiny and chrome and just what Christmas needs at this time! Love it! The front pouch is perfect for the smaller, more delicate gifts that someone should be giving me as is my right!!!!

10 out of 10 will recommend!
Written by Pele on Dec 6th 2020

This stocking is amazing! High quality as always with all the extras , super stoked!

Do not, my friends, become addicted to Christmas!
Written by Imperitor Torque on Dec 1st 2020

It will take hold of you, and you will resent its absence. However, if you are addicted to Christmas and all things post apocalyptic, this is the stocking for you. It's super well made out of authentic material. I had to get 2, one for me and one for the old War Wife. Perfect for the gifts and bottle caps the Immortan Joe (or some other white haired impostor) will leave you! Side note: not very comfortable to go do war in. For gifts only. Not feet. Unless its a severed foot.

Better in person!
Written by jen on Dec 1st 2020

My order arrived swiftly in fact faster then expected. I highly recommend this item for your Mac Max fan. These look blue in the picture but they are definitely black, much better looking then the photo. I ordered one for each of us and plan to customize them for each member go my family.

Perfect PA Holiday Gear
Written by Joe Virus on Dec 1st 2020

I am blown away by the attention to detail and build quality of the WarBoy Christmas Stocking! This is perfect for any PA fan’s bunker during the holiday season. This fits perfectly with my seasonal decor! Bonus: I love the working zipper and outer pocket!! Nothing mediocre here!