Leather Altoid Mint Tin Case Bandolier


Black leather bandoleer holds 16 mint tins. The leather has a distressed, weathered appearance and is treated to easily scuff so it ages as you wear it.

One size fits a whole lot of people, from petite to huge.

Ships in 2-3 days.

Free shipping and free returns.

Tins not included. Please buy your tins through Amazon (in black or silver) here:


Product Reviews

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Wonderfully made!
Written by Jesse on Apr 10th 2020

As with everything Karol makes, this bandolier is a beautiful piece! It was the perfect compliment to the costume we were making. Highly recommended!

Awesome product as always!
Written by Robert on Apr 10th 2020

Karol’s work is always stellar, I’ve now gotten a few of his pieces and they’re all absolutely worth it. This bandolier helped bring my Wasteland persona to life by giving me space to carry around my Mentats tins!