Nicholas K Lennon Jacket

Nicholas K is a clothing brand based in New York City that was started by Nicholas Kunz and her brother Christopher in 2003. Read more about their story on their website.

Nicholas K introduced the Lennon jacket for Autumn/Winter season in 2011. It is a long jacket with an open front, with the hood and front portion creating a kind of shawl collar. A lighter fabric makes a second, interior hood. It has a drawstring waist, and rib knit cuffs with thumb sleeves – perhaps its most distinctive feature. The jacket is 100% cotton.


The jacket is olive green, but may have been released in black, as well as graphite gray. It was only made for the 2011 Autumn/Winter season, and sold out sometime after. The original retail price was $480.

You can see the Nicholas K Lennon jacket here in this Runway TV fashion show video below:



The Harkin Jacket

The Nicholas K Lennon jacket was followed by a waist-length version with angled pockets, called the Harkin jacket. At the time of writing (late 2019) the Harkin appears to still be available in a womens cut (in limited quantities and sizes) in taupe, olive green and black on the Nicholas K website.


The Lennon Jacket’s Legacy

While many years have passed since the last Lennon jacket was sold, the jacket has certainly made a lasting impression, and its memory continues to resonate. Fashion-conscious online browsers can’t get enough of its hooded, untamed drape, and its modern yet ghostly stature.

A favorite on Pinterest, the Lennon jacket has been pinned to a number of boards, most commonly boards relating to dystopian, Burning Man, futuristic and post-apocalyptic fashion. It also seems to remind people of the costumes from the Lord of the Rings movies and Assassin’s Creed. For fans of horror, it is a grim reaper cloak, or the garb of wraiths.

The Wanderer Jacket

If you’ve searched far and wide for a Lennon jacket, please consider the Wanderer jacket from Karol B. It is made from 100% lightweight bull denim, and features a gauze inner hood. It has all the features you would expect: a drawstring waist, 2 military-style snap pockets, and of course, rib knit glove cuffs. It retails for only $199. It is currently only available in black, but look for more color options to become available by the end of 2020. Check out the Wanderer Jacket now.