Goth Meme: Backstreet Boys

Only real goths can name this band! (The Backstreet Boys)

Goth Meme: Can't Be Goth If You're Black

When someone says you can’t be goth because you’re black.

Goth Meme: Goth Died in Your Pool

When you forgot to check on your goth friend in this heat wave at your pool party and they straight up just died in your pool.

Goth Meme: Claw Game

When you’re surrounded by positive people but you’re still dying on the inside.

Goth Meme: Cool Youth Pastor

Cool Youth Pastor: “Lighten up Goth Teens! I’ve got a ‘Hot Topic’ for you, it’s Jesus… He knows you’re feeling down and he’s got ‘The Cure.'”

Goth Meme: Goths & Punks Getting Along

It’s nice to see goths and crust punks getting along…

Goth Meme: Goth Cowboy

New fashion trend for 2018: Cowboy from the waist up; goth from the waist down.

Goth Culture is not a Costume

My culture is not a costume. Don’t dress up like a goth for Halloween unless you’ve shoved Bauhaus’s entire discography up your ass.

Cyber-goth Created by Mesh Tubing Industry

“Cyber-Goth” subculture created by fluorescent mesh tubing industry in the late 1990s, in partnership with welding goggles lobby.

Goth Meme: Every Squad

Every squad’s got the: grumpy goth grandpa, yee haw, eye brow queen, extra alien, foreign exchange student, meth man.

Epic Handshake: Gospel Goth

Epic handshake meme: It’s going to be so great when I finally die. Gospel music – Goth music.

Goth Coloring Book

The Fun GOTH Colouring In Book.

Goth Meme: Goth Pockets

Goth Pockets!

Goth Memes: Halloween Decorations

People: “Ooh, Halloween decorations are out.

Me: “Ooh, new house decorations are out.

Goth Meme: Hate My Parents

It’s 100 degrees outside, but at least I look like I hate my parents.

Goth Meme: I Just Want to Cuddle

I just want to cuddle… even if it’s with your lifeless body.

Goth Meme: If You Still Have Eyebrows

If you still have eyebrows when you take all your makeup off, don’t even try calling yourself goth.

Goth Meme: When Kids Hit Normal Stage

They’ll be so disappointed when the kids hit that awkward “normal” stage in middle school.

Goth Meme: Lint Rolling

Being Goth is 80% lint rolling.

Goth Meme: Spring Fever

Everybody’s got Spring Fever (Almost everybody).

I love this Hot Topic advertising so much.

I thought it was a SIMS 4 advert.

Goth Meme: Two Wolves

Inside you there are two wolves. One wants to be goth. One doesn’t want to wear makeup.

Goth Meme: What Kind of Goth are You? Joker

What kind of goth are you?

New School. Old School. Ancient Goth.

Goth Meme: When you're a moth but also a goth

When you’re a moth, but also a goth.

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