I want a goth GF. Their crush vs what goth is.

“I want a goth girlfriend.” Their crush vs what goth is.

Do I love Goth Girls Pie Chart

Do I love goth girls? Pie chart meme
Yes, but in red because some goth girls prefer red and that’s very valid. Anyway, goth girls, hit me up. You’re hot and amazing and I love you.

Goth GF Expectation vs Reality



– Perfect fashion

– Perfect makeup

– Curves guys for you

– Makes you feel like the vampire king of the night.


– Spencer’s discount rack

– Bobbywithdattool white face and raccoon eyes

– Sends nudes to everybody and their grandpa


Jealous Girl Meme Goth Girl

Jealous girl meme. Basic girl is jealous of Goth girl.

Government-issued Goth GF

Now serving number 33. You have been assigned goth girl number 57. Your government-issued goth GF is ready for pickup. I repeat, 33, your goth GF is ready for pickup.

How to Attract a Goth GF

How to attract a goth girl: 12 steps (with pictures) – WikiHow

Me vs The girls I Like

Me, and the girls I like.

Goth girl yelling at me. Me secretly turned on.

Goth girl yelling at me. Me secretly turned on.

Goth Girlfriends

Goth girlfriends have been a popular trend for the past few years, with stars like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner leading the way. But what does it take to be a goth girlfriend?

Goths usually don’t go out in their full garb, so if you’re looking to meet one, your best bet is to attend goth events near you. You can also find them on social media platforms like Instagram or Spotify.

When it comes to fashion, goth girlfriends tend to dress in dark colors and often wear statement pieces such as chokers or fishnets. They also tend to be creative and express themselves through art and music.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your goth girlfriend, consider getting her something unique from a handmade shop like Goth Girlfriend. They offer customizable self-care boxes filled with candles, bath products, art and more!

Overall, goth girlfriends are some of the best things on the planet – they take care of you and share their amazing music taste with you!


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