30 year-old me around adults; 30 year old me around teenagers.

Me staring at my bookshelves, trying to decide how I want to be emotionally destroyed next.

I am very small, and I have no money, so you can imagine the stress that I am under.

Me after I’ve been a brat all day but now I am ready for cuddles.

Everyone telling me to stop posting baby Yoda pictures. Me about to drop 15 more baby Yoda pics. LOL

5 year old me pretending to smoke when it’s cold outside.

Me waiting on the Applebee’s waitress to hand me back my ID because I ordered a margarita with my chicken tendies.

Lack of snuggles is the path to the dark side.

He protec. He attac.

Me when larpers older than me talk about the larp they attended back in 2003.

Me waiting for the waiter to finish his speech so I can order chicken tendies like always.

When you see a comma in your bank account

Maury Povich saying, “You are the father!”

Me wondering why mom is eating sugar with her nose. ROTFLMAO

When my parents yell at me for being on drugs but all I wanted was a Pepsi.

Mommy eating sugar with her nose; Daddy after a whole bottle of angry juice. Me, 4 years old, learning a whole lot of no no words.

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