Post-apocalyptic COVID Face Mask Handmade

$34.99 - $44.95
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Post-apocalyptic face masks for the covid-19 mask mandates!

  • 100% cotton mask
  • Awesome pattern will look great on your face
  • Handmade in Los Angeles
  • High quality with two heavy layers and cover-stitch ear loops
  • One-of-a-kind

Post-apocalyptic Style

The Post-apocalyptic genre has been popularized by movies like Mad Max & video games like Fallout. The clothing in these popular franchises have inspired costume makers & fashion designers around the world, from the Wasteland Warriors of Germany, to the attendees of Wasteland Weekend in California.

Post-apocalyptic fashion often consists of repurposed scraps of fabric & clothing, military items, leather, and a punk rock aesthetic.

Covid-19 Mask Use

Although experts have gone back and forth about the usefulness of masks in mitigating the spread of Covid-19, nevertheless they are mandated by many health officials and required at many businesses.The CDC recommends wearing a face covering, even if it is a simple bandanna.

Product Reviews

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Cool mask
Written by Todd Rayburn on Oct 25th 2021

This is high quality very cool looking fit well

Amazing mask
Written by Heather McDowell on May 2nd 2021

This is my third mask and not only are they impeccable construction they’re also just super badass!! I legit get compliments everyday. Thank you so much

Great mask, very comfortable
Written by Jason on Apr 20th 2021

I got the mask because it looks great. Now in hand and lots of chance to wear it, it is comfortable and does what it needs to do. It has definitely been a conversation starter!

Killer mask
Written by Christopher Davis on Mar 31st 2021

Just got mask #1 this morning. I love it. Killer design. Fits my face perfectly even with my glasses on. Much props to the artist/designer. Thank you!

Love this mask!
Written by David Droke on Mar 2nd 2021

This will be one of my favorite accessories for Wasteland Weekend and other events (next time they happen). This is very well made, exceeding my expectations, and looks so Cool! My wife won't let me wear it around her, which tells you how great it really is. So it stays in my truck so I can wear it when on my own.

Looks really neat, doesn't fit.
Written by Hollas Ouwerkerk on Dec 29th 2020

I really really like the way this mask looks, but it's much too big for my face. Plus the area around the nose is very stiff so wearing with glasses is even more difficult. It's even too big for my partner and he has a big head. I'm going to try and modify it slightly and see if I can get it to fit my partner since he has a bigger face.

Written by Eric Bastrup on Oct 8th 2020

I love it, very comfortable!

Reuseable Face Mask (pattern 5)
Written by Robert Harbin on Oct 8th 2020

LOVE IT! It's thick enough to work very well for both me and others I might be around, and fits almost perfectly. I have gotten a huge number of comments on how cool it is, too! Quality of the build is awesome, all stitching is tight, and the fabric is smooth all around, too. Considering another, if he does another un of them. Shipping was super fast, too!