Choose from brown, black & antique brass, or the sleek black with antique nickel and contrast stitching. Super practical and functional hip bags with fully adjustable belt and leg straps. Pouches are lined with water-resistant sports fabric.

The Mystic bag features 5 zippered pockets (one under a velcro flap).

Waist band can expand up to 48". Thigh band can expand up to 29".

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Good quality bag

This is a well made product with a good price. I haven't worn it yet as I am too big for it yet around the hips, although I do hope to wear it in the future!


Amazing quality, fits perfectly on my leg and easy to adjust the leg width. Definitely recommend for any cosplay or outfit.

Great for riding.

I have several steampunk outfits I look forward to wearing this bag with, but so far I have only worn it on my motorcycle. For that, it is great, it has several zipping pockets useful for organizing things that may get uncomfortable in other pockets during a long ride. I put my phone in one pocket, cigs and fire in another, and still have pockets for my keys and wallet without worrying about anything getting damaged. Only down side was my neighbor comparing it to a fanny pack.

absolutely decent!! a proper bag

There are more expensive bags out there that are way less deserving of a 5 star rating compared to this bag. Quality build, words like sturdy, rugged come to mind. The price is more than generous. I am very happy with my purchase

Excellent for the money

Fits well, is much better put together than I was expecting. Lots of storage space for a long hike or a walk on the trail. Already have friends looking to purchase their own.


Wear it when I'm out on the bike, wouldn't know its there. Or whats in it.

I feel like Han Solo.

Not very often does one find an item that enhances their daily living. But this bag goes WAY beyond a fashion statement. Functional is an understatement. For years I have struggled with the clutter of my pockets pulling my pants down. One can only tighten a belt down so far. A few years ago I started seeing these style bags around the Internet, I thought to myself "how perfect ". But they always had a feminine flare and made of leather...boosting the price into the 100's. Which was very disappointing. Last year I found this amazing woman who made items that simply fit perfectly into my life. So I purchased a backpack and instantly fell in love. Revisiting her site I noticed the thigh bags and become overwhelmed with joy. Not only did they have a more more unisex look, they also were made of a more fitting material. Making the price perfect. So here I am loving this leg bag! When I ordered it I wondered how functional it would really be for everyday use. And if I would get the standard *look a fanny pack. So far I have only heard praise instead of mocking...and it's so comfy, not to mention how it holds EVERYTHING perfectly. My pants stay up as well! LOL Seriously though..one of the best buys I have made since the backpack. Quality, comfortability, and a MORE than reasonable price. If you're on the fence...buy it. You can thank me later.

LARPer's dream!

Seeing this hip pouch on sale was such a thrill. Ordering was a breeze and it shipped amazingly quickly. Upon opening the box, I was immediately impressed with the quality of construction. Seams were firm, straps sewn into (not *onto*) the bag, zippers and velcro extremely well constructed and solid. I haven't had the opportunity to check its waterproofing, but I'm thoroughly pleased so far. Plenty of pockets, a non-slip design to the belt, it is highly adjustable and fits well over one or several layers of clothing. Lots of room for carrying cards, hand warmers, papers, phone, money, etc. Definitely recommended!