Originally priced at $100, this CD was a special project made exclusively for Mad Max replica car owners.

This audio project allows you to simulate the chatter of a live Main Force Patrol police radio, right in their OWN vehicle or home.

Story lines and characters are recreated based on the film, as well as spun off into entirely new material. Nearly all of the CD is our own, new dialogue.

Running time: Approximately 37 minutes.


New material written by
Paul Miller
(Based on characters created by George Miller, James McCausland, Byron Kennedy, Brian Hannant and Terry Hayes)

Material transcribed from the original film written by
George Miller and James McCausland

Produced by
Karol Bartoszynski

Voiceover direction by
Jared Butler

Mixing and sound fx by
Karol Bartoszynski

Recording by
Joerg Stoeffel


Chelsea Bruland as MFP Dispatcher

James Re as Roop, Pine Tree, Corporate Slave, and Starman

Warwick Hutton as March Hare, Greasy George, and MFP 2018

Morgan Roy as Goose, Jerseymax, and Mach 7

John Freeman as Berserker, Scar, and Toga Carbine

Jared Butler as Max, Nightrider, Charlie, The Dark One, and Row B

Karol Bartoszynski as Questinator, and 201

© 2010 Paul Miller, Karol Bartoszynski and Jared Butler

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