Leg Purse Tactical Bag Waist Hip Holster Pouch Belt Brown Khaki Olive

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Hip bag, leg purse, holster bag, leg bag - these are known by a number of names. But whatever you do, don't call it a fanny pack!

  • Super practical and functional.
  • Made for men and women.
  • Adjustable belt and leg straps.
  • Pouches are lined with water-resistant fabric.
  • Main compartment is 9" deep and 6 inches wide & holds two 500mL bottles of water!
  • Great for hiking, traveling, bicycling, CCW, cosplay and motorcycle riding.
  • Comes in a variety of 5 colors: Tan, Moss Green, Black, Woodland Camo & Digital Camo.

This hip bag features 4 zippered pockets (including a hidden interior-facing pocket) and 1 velcro pocket. A black acetate D-ring allows you to clip your keys, cup, flashlight or other item to the bag for easy access. 

Waist band can expand up to 48".

Thigh strap can expand up to 37".

Why a leg strap?

The leg strap keeps the pouch not only from rotating to your front or rear, but also keeps the pouch from bouncing up and down if you ever have to run, or are riding on a motorcycle. But if you want to wear it like a messenger bag or a fanny pack, we won't stop you.

Why not just wear cargo pants?

Advantaged of hip bags:

  1. Stay organized by placing your items in numerous, zippered compartments.
  2. Secure your load firmly to your thigh, rather than having your loaded pockets flop to-and-fro as you walk. This is especially true of concealed carry.
  3. Enjoy the added flexibility of being able to simply take a load off by removing your hip bag, instead of having to empty your pockets.
  4. There's no reason you can't wear both and have even more pockets!

Product Reviews

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Tactical bag hop holster pouch
Written by Kevin Wisniewski on Sep 9th 2020

Nice bag for the price! Comfortable storage and easy access. Did not give it a 5 star rating because it is not military heavy canvas and HD zippers. Also smaller than I thought it would be. But overall a nice accessory for the price.

Solid bag!
Written by Blaine on Jan 17th 2020

I've had this bag for a day, and it's a great pouch for edc. Solid construction, and pretty comfortable for the amount of stuff I carry!