Lee Enfield Leather Bandolier 303 British Ammo Bandolier

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The perfect 303 leather bandolier when you need to take Aqaba from the Turks. This WWI-style leather ammunition bandolier accommodates sixteen .303 stripper (charger) clips (as well as many other types of ammo). These .303 bandoliers can be seen in the film classic Lawrence of Arabia, and was used by the Arab Legion/Jordanian Army. It's likely this design was simply borrowed from Ottoman Turkish bandoliers.

  • {Dark brown "crazy horse" cowhide leather} The leather has a distressed, weathered appearance and is treated to easily scuff so it ages as you wear it.
  • {Leather liner} Lined with matching smooth leather.
  • {Capacity} Features 16 pouches, which can accommodate up to 80 rounds.
  • {One size fits most} It seems to fit everyone from petite women to large or tall men quite well. If you are a 4XL or 5XL kind of man, please let me know and I can create an extender just in case.
  • Perfect for your Tusken Raider or Nathan Drake cosplay.
  • Free shipping and free returns.
  • Made in Los Angeles.
  • Ships within 2-3 days when in stock.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this bandolier accommodate individual shells?

There are now 2 types of bandoliers. The traditional bandolier is designed for stripper clips. The loops seen on the bottom of the bandolier hold the tips of the bullets and keep the bullets neatly displayed. The upper loop is much larger and holds the tops of all five bullets, which are kept together with the stripper clip. Without the stripper clip, loose bullets may shift, or even fall out.

Choose the loose cartridge option if you want to place loose rifle ammunition into the bandolier securely, while still getting the traditional look of the bandolier.

Do you make 303 leather ammo harnesses?

I used to make harnesses, but due to the sizing requirements and low demand, it is unsustainable for me at this time. If you're not sure what a harness is, please see my listing for the 303 Leather Ammo Harness.

Can you make me a custom bandolier for my...?

I've been told these work perfectly with Mosin Nagant stripper clips (7.62 x 54). I believe they will also work with Mauser, as well as 30-06 in 1903 clips. Otherwise, I am not really set up to take commissions for radically new ammo bandoliers. Custom commissions of this sort demand a level of time, labor & risk that is far and above making the same bandolier in batches.

Product Reviews

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Enfield bandolier
Written by David on Jan 2nd 2023

Quality product fits the enfield clips perfectly. If your on the fence get off and buy it, nothing on the market compares.

Written by John on Mar 12th 2022

I honestly don't have words to describe how happy I am with this. The leather is high quality, the buckle, snaps, and rivets are all sturdy and installed with precision. Most importantly, it just feels good to wear. It sits where it should and doesn't try to spin or creep, even if you only fill it up half way. I'm thoroughly impressed and very pleased with it.

Written by William Murdock on Feb 21st 2022

A++++ Product. Great shipping. Would recommend.

.303 Bandolier
Written by James on Jan 3rd 2022

Craftsmanship is stellar. Highly recommend this!

Written by Frank Baring on Aug 20th 2021

The bandolier is a really awesome piece of craftmanship. Well crafted, smooth leather and perfectly made for my Star Wars cosplay. Shipping was easy to follow by the app and the DHL website. Highly recommended! :)

303 bandolier
Written by John on May 4th 2021

I received the two bandoliers. Very nice. Thank you. I am having trouble with another order. I may be getting my emails mixed up. John B.

Lee Enfield Leather Bandolier
Written by Charles Tymms on May 3rd 2021

Absolutely everything I was looking for! Fantastic quality, quick shipping, and the bandolier looks perfect with my Nathan Drake cosplay!

Bandolier is awesome!
Written by Marv on Jan 12th 2021

I loaded the bandolier with 7.62x54R rounds on clips and they fit well and look awesome. Goes well with my Russian WWII artifact display. Glad to see they are available again. Get one, you'll like it.

Lee Enfield No1 Mk3 bandoleer
Written by Sheldon Sipe on Dec 28th 2020

Excellent product, was shocked of the amazing quality. Haven't found one any better than this one. Definitely recommend buying.

Retaking Aqaba From The Turks
Written by Jeremy on Jul 18th 2020

This bandolier has left me geeking out like a cringey history nerd. I freaking love this thing, and after looking at the picture I realize I've been wearing it upside down. This thing was a 30th birthday gift, take that as you will.

British 303 Bandolier
Written by Daniel Palin on Jun 9th 2020

A absolute perfect fit and must have if you have a Mosin Nagant M44 7.62x54R

Great for Uncharted 3 cosplay
Written by Ben on Jan 17th 2020

I purchased this as it was more similar to Nathan Drake's bandolier from Uncharted 3 than most other bandolier options, and much cheaper than custom made replicas. It looks great, fits great, and appears sturdy.

Great Bandolier!
Written by Mark S. on Dec 31st 2019

Great! Just what I needed! Perfect of a Tusken Raider.

Lawrence of Arabia 303 Bandolier
Written by Keith Arnold on Dec 6th 2019

Beautiful construction and finish. Ammunition fits nice andsnug in bandolier. Please make more great products like this!

303 Bandolier
Written by David Black on Nov 25th 2019

Nicely made, looks great. I use mine with several different garb genres from steampunk to post apocalyptic. Thanks!