Expected release date is Jan 15th 2018

Pre-order. Order by Jan 15th. Receive it by Feb 15th.

This offer is for a brown leather harness. The leather has a distressed, weathered appearance and is treated to easily scuff so it ages as you wear it.

The perfect ammo harness when you need to take Aqaba from the Turks. Developed by the British for use with the Lee Enfield rifle, this WWI-style leather ammunition belt accommodates 303 stripper (charger) clips. These harnesses can be seen in the film classic Lawrence of Arabia, and today on Jordanian bedouin police patrolling Petra and Wadi Rum. The Jordanian-style "Y" flaps on each clip pouch feature 2 heavy-duty snaps.

Measurements: The cartridge belts are designed to sit at your belly-button level. Please measure yourself at the belly-button level to determine your ideal size.

Ladies: If you would like your harness to sit at your natural waist level (the narrowest part of your torso), please leave a note during purchase and the straps will be shortened for you. (The model in the photos is wearing a regular length harness).

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