Fullers Earth Movie Dust


This fullers earth comes in a 5-ounce resealable bag.

Fullers earth is used by professionals in the film industry to make costumes look dusty. Better than actual desert soil, fullers earth has no sand or rocks and is optimized for application on post-apocalyptic armor, leather, and other garments.

A little goes a long way! Apply using a rag, a flour sieve, or by putting the dust into the end of some panty hose and tying it off (the small holes will allow the dust to pass through as you wipe the hose across the garment). Or, mix some dust with a little water and brush it or spray it on, then dry with a hair dryer to see the result. Nothing else works like fullers earth for getting into the cracks and seams of your garment for that authentic beat-to-hell, desert-aged look.

This dust is not permanent and will gradually come off with wear or with washing. To help keep it on, seal with matte clear spray paint, acrylic sealer, hair spray or leather/fabric protector spray. Apply it along with dark paint and sealant to create permanent grungy lowlights and highlights on your garment.

Additional Notes:
This amount can dust up your whole outfit and more, but feel free to contact me for larger quantities.

Fuller's earth also has alternative uses such as face packs for skin health.

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Works very well
Written by Hunter Allen on Jan 22nd 2018

This stuff is great. It adds a fantastic finish to your costume to really bring it to the next level.

great product
Written by sara on May 16th 2017

Way easier than rubbing clothing into dirt/mud for hours. Instant effect and looks great. Little bit goes a long way