Atomic Slug Backpack - War Boy Edition Mad Max Fury Road

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This is my popular Atomic Slug backpack featuring my own custom-made Fury Road patch.

The War Boys were an army of post-apocalyptic suicide warriors led by the warlord Immortan Joe in Mad Max: Fury Road (2015). They wore white body paint, shaved their heads & wore black cargo pants layered with pouches and gear.

  • Sturdy & durable 100% cotton canvas.
  • Unique distressed hardware.
  • Approximately 15 liter capacity.
  • Measures approximately 18" tall, and 13" wide.
  • 7 pockets in all - 4 with zippers.
  • Custom Fury Road logo patch.
  • Free shipping and free returns.
  • Ships within 2-3 days.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

Canteen not included. The backpack you receive may vary slightly in color and small details.

Other Variations of This Backpack

Atomic Slug Backpack Deluxe

Atomic Slug Backpack (Standard)

Is it water-proof?

It is not water-proof or water-resistant. You can apply a product such as Scotchgard if that is a concern.

Does it have a laptop sleeve?

It does not have any internal sleeves or pockets. You can purchase a laptop sleeve separately. The side of the backpack nearest your back does offer some padding.

Product Reviews

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Awesome backpack!
Written by Richard Hardin on Jul 5th 2019

This is an awesome backpack! It’s hard to find a good quality backpack for a decent price these days. This backpack has both! With plenty of room (both inside and all the pockets) it’s perfect for anything! I was worried that it wouldn’t be big enough but I have more than enough space for everything I take with me! And it’s very well made with quality material! Get one now!!

Nice medium-price backpack!
Written by Steve on Oct 10th 2017

Unusual enough in style to stand out from generic backpacks, but not so outre that it's hard to take out in public. Great size, and enough compartments to be able to organize a fair amount of stuff reasonably! Took it on a recent trip throughout the UK and Iceland, and it held up fine! One of the zipper heads popped off its track near the end, but that was only under extreme (and unusual) load, when I'd jammed as much inside as I possibly could; and I was able to get it back on track by cutting the zipper near the end, then popping the head back on and sewing the track back together-ish. I'd buy it again!

she loved it
Written by Jay F Serkiz on Sep 29th 2017

Got this backpack for my girl friend for her birthday. And she loved it.

Love it
Written by Mike on Aug 19th 2017

I bought this when I chanced upon a sale the website was having; and, I am so glad I found it. I absolutely love this backpack. It's an intense looking piece of awesomeness. There are a few slight draw backs. The stitching that holds the hemming on one of the straps is coming loose; so, a small portion the hemming is separating from the strap. The bag is also smaller than I thought it would be; which, is not a complaint, more a statement. I still absolutely love it; and, it has more room than the backpack it replaced. Would definitely buy another one for myself; or, as a gift to others.

excellent quality
Written by undefined on May 14th 2017

This is an amazing backpack. Its very detailed and built with high quality materials. Plus it looks badass. Plenty of storage space. By far the best backpack I have ever purchased.

I love this backpack!
Written by Echo on May 13th 2017

I feel like I'm totally ready for the apocalypse with this thing. It's got pockets in all the right places, it's comfortable and light-weight and the color is just as expected.

Excellent Backpack!
Written by Freddy on Jan 30th 2017

The quality is fantastic, the materials are sturdy and of good quality. The size is amazing and can fit many things inside. Very sturdy, just what you need to survive the wasteland!

WITNESS the genuine craftsmanship!
Written by Edmund on Jan 20th 2017

No holds barred in creating this backpack! Every seam is stronger than the bond between a Warboy and The Immortan. Corners are tacked and leather is secure! Beefy zippers and buckles will certainly keep your breeders locked up securely. Rev it up for the Warboy Backpack! I'm taking mine to Valhalla.

Written by Christopher Rice on Sep 5th 2016

Looks great, very sturdy, super comfortable. I also bought the military canteen and it really pulls off a fantastic Apocalyptic look. I love it 100%

Written by Christopher on Apr 20th 2016

This bags detail is off the charts and its comfortably is better than i originally thought. The straps are very comfortable and there's a lot of extra space that i can use which is great. This bag is awesome plain and simple .

So shine!
Written by Maria on Apr 16th 2016

Looks awesome in pics but is even better in real life. Functional, well-made and sturdy, with enough (there's no such thing as too many!) pockets and strong zippers/closures. Very soft and comfortable, but not too floppy. The only negative is that, since I'm short (5'3"), its bottom bumps against the top of my butt even with the straps adjusted to maximum shortness, but I have this issue with all backpacks that are big enough to carry anything substantial. If weight/materials are distributed properly within, it is not an issue.

High Quality and Comfortable
Written by Delany on Mar 29th 2016

It sits perfectly on your back, it feels durable and soft. Stitching feels very secure, tugged at it a bit. It just has a really cool look on top of a very practical design. Love how it balances the post apocalyptic theme while maintaining a tone look for every day casual use. It exceeded my expectations, especially for the price. Super glad I purchased this!

Love it.
Written by Tom on Mar 29th 2016

Awesome quality. Solid craftsmanship. If I had to come up with a negative, I'd say that I was hoping it was a little larger so I could fit more STUFF, but it wouldn't be fair for me to mark that as a negative given the dimensions are listed. Extremely happy with purchase.

Ready for the apocalypse
Written by Dakota on Mar 28th 2016

Really impressed with the quality and value, normally a backpack at this price is half the size and made out of really low quality material. This backpack feels great, rugged, and durable. It makes the perfect grab and go back for my car and would be great for daily use as well. Thank you!

Im digging this backpack
Written by undefined on Mar 27th 2016

So far I am really enjoying my back pack, very glad that is a fully functional, durable, and it doesn't feel cheap or cheaply made.