Karol B offers women’s jackets, pants, clothing, and accessories in a post-apocalyptic and dystopian focus, with alternative fashion styles that work as stage wear and rockstar clothing, as well as festival fashion or LARP cosplay.

Fans of video games like Fallout and movies like Mad Max will appreciate Karol B’s military-inspired and often horror and steampunk-adjacent styles. Karol B clothing walks the line between costume and fashion, preferring to stay a bit more on the costume side. Fans of punk, heavy metal, goth and industrial music will appreciate Karol B’s alternative fashion sensibilities. Loving the dark, gritty, sensuous and beautiful, Karol B’s favorite color is black.

Sometimes veering into futuristic, sci-fi looks that range from cyberpunk to Star Wars-inspired, Karol B also loves to delve into tribal, ethnic and primitive clothing designs.

Similar brands include Toxic Vision, Junker Designs, Crisiswear, Wornstar and Verillas

Celcius Motorcycle Jacket Black Vegan

$24.99 On Sale
Black, imitation leather motorcycle jacket, with attached belt and epaulets. 2 real zipper pockets, and 1 false pocket. Free shipping and free returns. Ships within 2-3 days. Satisfaction guaranteed.
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Fishnet Mesh Cotton Hooded Cardigan Womens

$49.99 On Sale
100% cotton fishnet mesh hoodie Fishnet and jersey panels Made in white, dyed and then mineral washed Cool, airy layer for Summer; use as base layer in Winter to trap heat in cells Made in Los Angeles Pockets! FREE shipping

Fishnet Mesh Cotton Hoodie Womens

$44.99 On Sale
A basic essential in a unique material. 100% cotton fishnet mesh hoodie Fishnet and jersey panels Mineral wash aging Made in Los Angeles FREE shipping - ships within 2-3 days Satisfaction guaranteed  

Skull Scarf Black Fringed Rayon

This item is SOLD OUT. Please check out my other products and SIGN UP for my mailing list to be first to hear about similar products.   Skull and crossbones scarf. Lightweight and silky 100% rayon fabric. Measures approximately 6 feet x...
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