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Atomic Slug Backpack - War Boy Edition Mad Max Fury Road

Our popular Atomic Slug backpack features our own custom-made Fury Road patch.The backpack is 100% olive cotton canvas, with distressed vintage military-style hardware.7 pockets in all - 4 with zippers. Measures approximately 18" tall, and 13" wide...
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Mad Max MFP Police Chatter

Originally priced at $100, this CD was a special project made exclusively for Mad Max replica car owners. This audio project allows you to simulate the chatter of a live Main Force Patrol police radio, right in their OWN vehicle or home. Story lines...

Mad Max Road Warrior T-Shirt WinterCon

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Collectible New York WinterCon t-shirts featuring amazing artwork. WinterCon 2016 hosted the historic reunion of 5 of the actors from Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. This icy gray shirt features the Lord Humungus, Wez, the Gyro Captain, the Warrior Woman,...
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