Karol Bartoszynski

Atomic Slug Backpack - Olive

BEST SELLER! The backpack is 100% cotton olive canvas, with distressed vintage military-style hardware. 7 pockets in all - 4 with zippers. Measures approximately 18" tall, and 13" wide. Sturdy and...
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Atomic Slug Deluxe Backpack

PLEASE ALLOW 3 WEEKS FOR DELIVERYThe Atomic Slug Deluxe backpack features hand weathering detail, military paracord zipper pulls, and decorative hand-sewn coyote bones. All of this on top of the...
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Blue & Gold Bunker Biker Leather Motorcycle Jacket

In a post-apocalyptic future, survivors emerge from the bunkers. Clad in brightly-colored leather jackets to be easily spotted, the search and rescue teams ride out into the wastelands in search of...

DRED Vest Black Mens

Black asymmetrical zip-up vest with 2 zip pockets and an interior pocket. Scrap denim construction. Lambskin and cowhide accents. Contoured, fitted cut. Polyester taffeta lining. Free shipping and...

Fraktur Mark II Jacket Black Limited Run

POST-APOCALYPTIC HORROR STYLE Features: A whole hide of real lambskin leather for that tar pit texture 100% cotton canvas that I pre-wash at our local laundromat to avoid shrinkage Five of our...
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Fullers Earth Movie Dust

Fullers earth is used by professionals in the film industry to make costumes look dusty. Better than actual desert soil, fullers earth has no sand or rocks and is optimized for application on...
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Leather Altoid Mint Tin Case Bandolier

Dark brown leather bandoleer holds 16 mint tins. The leather has a distressed, weathered appearance and is treated to easily scuff so it ages as you wear it. One size fits a whole lot of people,...

Slit hoodie olive industrial hooded sweatshirt unisex

The Slit hoodie is a textured sweatshirt made from layers of 100% cotton jersey knit fabric that have been slit by hand, and then washed in a special fading treatment. Pointed hood. Hand-stitched...

Atomic Slug Backpack - Borderlands Edition

Our popular Atomic Slug backpack features a custom-made Borderlands patch.The backpack is 100% cotton canvas, with distressed vintage military-style hardware.7 pockets in all - 4 with zippers...
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