Choose from stylish brown, black & antique brass colorway, or the sleek black with antique nickel and contrast stitching. Super practical and functional hip bags with fully adjustable belt and leg straps. Pouches are lined with water-resistant sports fabric.

The Mystic bag features 5 zippered pockets (one under a velcro flap).

Waist band can expand up to 48". Thigh band can expand up to 29".

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Nice piece

This works great for my so who is a Geologist. He can collect more samples and the bag is great for the weight of the rocks.

Absolutely amazing

I just received mine not too long ago...I am a big girl and have been looking for a hip bag for a while that would fit me. Upon reading the description, to check up on how big the waist and leg straps could get, I decided to take a chance. You definitely can't beat $18.00 when hip bags are usually $100+ It's amazing. Really well made and fits me perfectly. I love it!